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Image of 11.5-oz. Freeze-Off® Super Penetrant

11.5-oz. Freeze-Off® Super Penetrant

A unique formula that immediately drops the temperature of the area in direct contact with the spray. The freezing effect cracks rusted surfaces allowing FREEZE-OFF to reach deeper & work more effectively than other penetrants.

Image of 14-oz. Brakleen® Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner

14-oz. Brakleen® Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner

The Brake Cleaner to use where compliance calls for a chlorine-free product. Formulated to quickly remove brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from brake linings & pads.

Image of 15-oz. Engine Degreaser

15-oz. Engine Degreaser

Engine Degreaser quickly lifts grease & grime off engines for cooler more efficient running. Easy to use - spray on & rinse off. Leaves no residue.

Image of 19-oz. Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner

19-oz. Brakleen® Brake Parts Cleaner

The original brake parts cleaner. Formulated to quickly & effectively remove grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils, & other contaminants from brake parts, lining and pads. Non-flammable.

Image of 2-26 Multi-Purpose Lubricant, 11-oz.

2-26 Multi-Purpose Lubricant, 11-oz.

Multi-purpose, plastic safe lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor that helps prevent electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion. 2-26 drives out moisture and leaves a thin, long lasting film to protect...

Image of 4.5-oz. Quick-Dry Electronics Cleaner Aerosol

4.5-oz. Quick-Dry Electronics Cleaner Aerosol

A petroleum distillates and alcohol blended precision cleaner designed as an alternative to CFC based cleaners. Cleans contacts, connectors and sensitive electronic equipment. Quick drying, plastic safe formula.

Image of 6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant, 11-oz.

6-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant, 11-oz.

Long lasting, superior lubrication that resists water and salt spray. Drives out moisture that can cause electrical failures and hard starting. Penetrates deep through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen parts. Starts wet engines

Image of 9-oz. Power Lube Lubricant

9-oz. Power Lube Lubricant

Fast acting, multi-purpose lubricant. This all in one product quickly penetrates, lubricates, stops squeaks, fights corrosion and loosens rusted parts.

Image of Air Brake Anti-Freeze, 1-Qt.

Air Brake Anti-Freeze, 1-Qt.

Qt, air brake anti-freeze, provides complete winter protection for all brake systems, will eliminate & prevent moisture accumulation & icing, for use in all air brake systems.

Image of Auto Belt Conditioner, 7.5-oz.

Auto Belt Conditioner, 7.5-oz.

7.5 oz, belt conditioner, eliminates squeaks & prolongs belt life, for use on all types of belts, such as serpentine, flat & v-type belts, prevents slippage & glazing, removes oil, grease & glaze, use every 3,000 miles to prevent drying...

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