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Image of Alabaster Stone, 2-Qt.

Alabaster Stone, 2-Qt.

2-qt., alabaster stone, a white decorative stone used as a soil cover, adds the final touch to container grown plants, retains soil moisture & compaction of soil caused by frequent watering.

Image of Bonsai Soil Mix, 2-Qts.

Bonsai Soil Mix, 2-Qts.

2 qt, bonsai mix, professionally formulated to provide optimum growth for evergreen & other bonsai plant, provides the plant support, moisture & drainage bonsai need, pre-mixed, ready to use, excellent for repotting.

Image of Cactus & Succulent Planting Mix, 10-Qts.

Cactus & Succulent Planting Mix, 10-Qts.

10 qt, cactus & succulent mix, professionally formulated for use with both jungle & desert cacti, provides the drainage cacti need to flourish, ready to use, ph balanced, encourages bloom & root development.

Image of Dehydrated PoultryManure, 5-Lb.

Dehydrated PoultryManure, 5-Lb.

5-lb. 4-2-3 dehydrated super manure, dehydrated poultry manure, in easy to apply pellet form, improves soil texture, builds humus content without burning, great for flower & vegetable gardens & lawns.

Image of Desert Sand, 2-Qt.

Desert Sand, 2-Qt.

2-qt., desert sand, used for cactus gardens & drainage.

Image of Garden Gypsum, 5-Lb.

Garden Gypsum, 5-Lb.

5-lb., garden gypsum, loosens clay soils of all kinds, improves drainage.

Image of Hydrated Lime, 10-Lbs.

Hydrated Lime, 10-Lbs.

10-lb. hydrated horticultural lime, faster acting than ordinary ground limestone, reduces soil acidity and increases efficiency of fertilizer, apply in spring & fall.

Image of Hydrated Lime, 4-Lb.

Hydrated Lime, 4-Lb.

4-lb., hydrated lime, faster acting than ordinary ground limestone, reduces soild acidity & increases efficiency of fertilizer, apply in spring & fall.

Image of River Gravel, 2-Qt.

River Gravel, 2-Qt.

2-qt., river gravel, a decorative soil cover, can be used indoors or outdoors to help retain soil moisture & reduce compaction caused by frequent watering.

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