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Image of Dhyana Plant Terracotta Pot

Dhyana Plant Terracotta Pot

Named for the profound meditative state at the penultimate stage of a yoga practice, LiveTrends' Dhyana brings a breath of simple elegance to every space. The terra-cotta vase is hand-made with love and holds a living, low-maintenance plant nestled in...

Image of Large Tillandsia Live Air Plant

Large Tillandsia Live Air Plant

Add a burst of life and style to your space with a Large Tillandsia from LiveTrends. These easy-care air plants pop inside cups, bowls and ornaments to create effortless living decor that complements any area. Like any living being, each plant is unique,...

Image of Live Air Plant in Thinkers Pot

Live Air Plant in Thinkers Pot

Add unique charm to any space with a whimsical Thinker from LiveTrends. Standing 7 tall, each lightweight figure is hand-topped with a sprig of hardy living tillandsia. Available in four distinct poses and earth tones to complement any style decor. These...

Image of Live Succulent in Owl Pot

Live Succulent in Owl Pot

Make any space a little wiser and more interesting with Modern Owl, a living decor piece from LiveTrends. Hardy succulent and cactus varieties grow from the top of a white ceramic vase shaped like a watchful owl. Low on maintenance but high on style,...

Image of Living Lantern Air Plants In Decorative Metal Container - Livetrends Design

Living Lantern Air Plants In Decorative Metal Container - Livetrends Design

Evoking the simple warmth of leaving the light on for an approaching guest, our Living Lantern glows all on its own. The outer black varnish sharply contrasts the bright copper interior of the lantern, and with the sprouting air plants enlivening the...

Image of Xerographica Live Air Plant

Xerographica Live Air Plant

The gorgeous Tillandsia Xerographic air plant from LiveTrends adds drama, life and elegance to any space. With strong silvery leaves that seem to flow through the air, Xerographica makes a stunning addition to ornaments, cups and bowls, or a show-stopping...

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