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Image of Magic Face Cloth

Magic Face Cloth

Clean, fresh, glowing face Use our Magic Cloth with or without cleanser to smooth and polish your skin. This unique beauty item will gently slough off lifeless skin from your face, neck, shoulders and the backs of your hands. Use it three times per...

Image of Mineral Sun Block - 4 oz.

Mineral Sun Block - 4 oz.

Mineral pigments - Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera are very effective in blocking out the sun's harmful rays. Use daily over moisturizer and under makeup. Non-Greasy.

Image of Protection Plus SPF 25

Protection Plus SPF 25

A liposomal moisturizing cream with a full-spectrum UV block that provides free radical protection. Loaded with anti-oxidants for ultimate protection. Formulated especially for sensitive and acne prone skin. Non-oily.

Image of Renenerating Carrot Oil 1 oz.

Renenerating Carrot Oil 1 oz.

A light, quickly absorbing and soothing facial oil containing high levels of anti-oxidants, nutrients, vitamins and healing agents (the ingredients necessary for healthy cell functioning, renewal and protection against free radical damage). High concentrations...

Image of Repair Cream - Intensive 2 oz.

Repair Cream - Intensive 2 oz.

A highly moisturizing, soothing emollient, nourished and protecting freshly exposed skin cells sensitized from Glycolic and dermabrasion. For optimum regenerative benefit, use in tandem by applying Cellular Repair Serum first.

Image of Retinol 1 oz.

Retinol 1 oz.

A potent age-defying treatment. Retinol, the most active for of Vitamin A, has been proven to be exceptionally effective in reducing the visible signs of aging. This naturally advanced technology delivers the purest form of bio-available Retinol deep...

Image of Rose Mild Deluxe Cleanser 8 oz.

Rose Mild Deluxe Cleanser 8 oz.

Rich and creamy rose scented cleanser for the very sensitive, dry or mature skin. Soothes and moisturizes while dissolving make-up and the day

Image of Spare Lip Pump

Spare Lip Pump

The revolutionary Luscious Lips device plumps lips naturally with a painless vacuum process. Restores youthful fullness to lips in just seconds. Easy to use, takes just seconds, lasts for hours. Fits easily into purse to plump your lips anytime, anywhere.

Image of Super Strength Lightner

Super Strength Lightner

Super Strength Lightner Stop the Spots 2 oz

Image of Therapeutic Lip Creme

Therapeutic Lip Creme

Therapeutic Lip Cr

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