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Image of Crown Sporting Goods SJMP-201 Deluxe Speed Jump Rope with Precision Bearing

Crown Sporting Goods SJMP-201 Deluxe Speed Jump Rope with Precision Bearing

Better equipment better results. Maximize your workout with this deluxe sealed precision bearing speed rope. Constructed with durable solid rubber fitted with ergonomic molded handles and foam comfort grips and assembled with sealed ball bearings its a simple but powerful addition to any exercise routine. Build cardio endurance develop core strength and agility and improve lower body muscle tone. Speed rope exercise burns over 150 calories in just 15 minutes!

The maximum 10 length is suitable for users up to 68 but this one-size-fits-all rope is easily adjustable to any length. Just slide any extra rope right into the handles. Resize on the fly between workout partners!

The lightweight handles with comfort grips are easy on the hands for any length workout and the sealed precision bearings provide balanced even rotations with consistent and uninhibited speed. Sprint in place double under and criss-cross with confidence. Totally portable and perfect for boxers crossfitters and regular exercisers alike you wont find a more effective conditioning tool for less.

Actual Size: 1.5 x 4.25 x 6

Actual Weight: 0.50 LBS

Price: $11.52 from

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