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Image of Optec Usa VIPLPLITEMD Venum LP Lite Medium

Optec Usa VIPLPLITEMD Venum LP Lite Medium

Optec is proud to present our New Venum spinal system which is ideal for patients requiring firm spinal support. With its unique and mechanically advanced closure system, The Venum makes it a snap to don and doff with minimal effort. Its slick weightless construction is breathable, hypoallergenic and nearly undetectable under clothing, without compromising maximum comfort. Due to the ergonomic design of the brace, patient therapy participation is promoted by adjusting the level of support.Typical Indications:Degenerative.Herniated or Bulging Disc.Spondylolysis.Spondylolisthesis.Facet Syndrome.Spinal Stenosis.Tumors or Inflammation.Chronic back pain.Spinal Instability.Lumbago.Style: 2 strap.Lp Lite, Medium.- SKU: OPU042

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