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Weldbond 8-50160 5.4 oz. Universal Adhesive

Features Universal Adhesive Bonds Most Anything Bonds Metal, Styrofoam, Tile, Marble, Wood & More Water Resistant When Dry Dries Clear Can Be Reduce With Water To Seal Porous Surfaces Such As Drywall Or Brick Use As A Bonding Agent For Cement & Plaster Application Bonding Exceptions - Some Types Of Plastics, Rubber & Cast Metals Will Not Produce A Bond Non-Toxic Non-Flammable Low Socs Capacity - 5.4 oz. Dimension - 1.27 x 2.57 x 6.47 in. Item Weight - 0.44 lbs.

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E6000 Glue Adhesive Industrial Strength 1 oz Tube

E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive This is a new tube of E6000 industrial strength adhesive Provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics makes it a universal vehicle maintenance and repair solution Because it's self-leveling, E-6000 may be used as potting material in electrical and computer applications Works on more surfaces than almost any other adhesive available in the market Adheres to wood,

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Eclectic Products ECL31020 Adhesive E6000 Precision Tip Glue - 1 oz. Card

Eclectic Adhesives are here to help you, in the home and on the job. They are designed to adhere to virtually any surface with exceptional strength, to meet your bonding, sealing and repairing needs. E6000 Precision Tip Glue 1oz Card - E6000 allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past. It provides adhesion strength and versatility not found in silicones and rubber cements. Its strength in adhering metals, glass,

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Woodtex EPE6000 10.2 10.2 oz Viscosity Cartridge, Medium

From complete tool kits to handy instruments, there is a varied assortment at hand, ready to cater to your tastes and requirements. Glance through the range of Hardware products and choose ones that are perfect. Our products will be compatible and durable with all kinds of device. These products are recognized for its honesty, high efficiency and comprehensive services which are named for its high standard and quality. An indispensable maintenance tool, E6000 allows the kind of permanent repair

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Image of 1-oz. Universal Rubber Cement (Quantity 6)

1-oz. Universal Rubber Cement (Quantity 6)

Rubber cement is great for use with tire patches, tire plugs and for most rubber repairs. Easy-to-use and compact size makes this a must have for all tire repair solutions.

Image of Elmer's 4oz Rubber Cement

Elmer's 4oz Rubber Cement

Whether you've got a heavy duty job or a fun craft project, a bit of Elmer's? Rubber Cement will help you get the job done. This tough and tacky cement is strong enough to hold together a variety of different objects yet has a bit of flex to withstand...

Image of Dining Table Cement & Natural Poly-Cement Acacia Wood

Dining Table Cement & Natural Poly-Cement Acacia Wood

Dining Table Cement & Natural Poly-Cement Acacia Wood

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